Celestial Season – Ver


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Dimensions 36 × 36 in

Celestial Season (Original) Bronze Sculpture, Ira Reines Art From World-Renowned Sculptor Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“Everything was stripped off my work except for the soul.” – Ira Reines

Visitors from in and around California find Lake Tahoe the perfect place to enjoy nature’s boundless beauty. Located in Heavenly Village, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is an idyllic establishment to view and buy art. Come by to experience the power of the exhibits on display, including Ira Reines art.

Reines’s transformational journey as a virtuoso of sculptural etherealism took flight under the tutelage of Erté – the father of Art Deco. Over the years, the sculptor shifted from sculpting mythological subjects to contemporary figures. Reines is well-known for crafting his subjects as if they’re awakening from a state of rebirth. In Celestial Season, the sculptor portrays the genesis of a cosmic force in female form.

The woman emerges from a swirling, chaotic nebula, revealing a mystifying display of power and female energy. Reines exacts his prowess by underscoring light, form, and mass with breathtaking finesse. The sculptor relies on deep and soft tones to underline the vitality of the sculpture’s elements. One can’t help but feel a deep sense of euphoria and wonder when they encounter Celestial Season, a sculpture worthy of display in a grand room.