Race Day


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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Race Day” by Steve Barton is a dynamic giclée on canvas that vividly captures the intensity and excitement of a horse race. The artwork is a burst of action and color, featuring a group of jockeys on their mounts, racing towards the viewer. The horses, rendered in various shades from deep browns to sleek blacks, appear in full gallop, their muscles tensed and eyes focused forward. The jockeys are depicted in colorful racing silks, adding a vibrant contrast to the muted, abstracted background which suggests the speed and motion of the race.

Barton’s characteristic impressionistic style is evident in the bold, sweeping brushstrokes that convey the movement and energy of the scene. The painting’s perspective places the viewer right in the middle of the action, almost feeling the rush of the wind and the thunderous pounding of hooves.

“Race Day” is an exhilarating piece that captures not just a moment in sports, but the spirit of competition and the raw beauty of equine athletes at their peak. This artwork is ideal for equestrian enthusiasts, sports lovers, or anyone who appreciates the thrilling beauty of horse racing, making it a standout addition to any collection.