A Glowing Love


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“A Glowing Love” is an enchanting triptych by Rolinda Stotts, masterfully demonstrating her signature Bella Rotta technique. Bella Rotta, which means “beautifully broken,” involves an intricate process of layering and distressing materials to create a textured, aged appearance that adds depth and richness to the artwork.

In “A Glowing Love,” Stotts captures the serene beauty of a lakeside landscape bathed in the warm, golden light of sunset. The three panels together form a continuous scene of a tranquil lake, surrounded by dense forests and gently rolling hills. The Bella Rotta technique adds a distinctive texture to the piece, enhancing the natural elements and creating an almost three-dimensional effect.

The central panel draws the viewer’s eye to the calm waters of the lake, reflecting the fiery hues of the setting sun and the silhouettes of the surrounding trees. The left and right panels extend the landscape, depicting the rich, dark foliage of the forest and the vibrant colors of the grassy foreground. The sky above is painted in soft, gradient tones of yellow, orange, and pink, evoking a sense of peace and wonder.

The cracked texture, a hallmark of the Bella Rotta technique, gives the piece a timeless quality, as if the scene has been lovingly preserved through the ages. The interplay of light and shadow across the panels adds to the dynamic and immersive experience of the artwork.

“A Glowing Love” is a celebration of nature’s tranquil beauty and the profound emotions that such scenes can evoke. This triptych is perfect for art lovers who appreciate the fusion of artistic innovation and natural splendor. It serves as a stunning focal point, bringing the warmth and serenity of a sunset-lit landscape into any space, inviting viewers to bask in its glowing love.