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Dimensions 19 × 10 × 16 in

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Unparalleled service, unassuming professionals, and breathtaking collections are the hallmarks of the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons welcome visitors who have an affinity for exquisite collections and those curious about the art world.


Besides its impressive exhibits by Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Mario Jung, and Alexander Volkov, the gallery is a one-stop destination for Frogman art. With his distinct artistic approach and perspective, the California-based sculptor is a favorite of the art community.


Originally from Africa, love birds belong to the parrot family and are the smallest of their kind. In Love Birds, Frogman portrays an affectionate pair of these avian beauties. As they gaze lovingly into each other’s little eyes, one cannot help but notice their lovely tropical patinas. The artist accentuates the love birds’ delicate, bright features with lifelike precision. Smooth, clean lines and brilliant sheen make Love Birds an appealing sight.


The sculptor places the avian pair on a smooth reed coated with a silver nitrate patina as a final touch. Fans of Frogman’s work will adore how Love Birds animates any corner of a room with warmth and charm. His commendable limited-edition works are available for all to see at the Marcus Ashley Gallery.