Rock, Paper, Scissors


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“Rock, Paper, Scissors” by Dave Archer is an original mixed media piece on glass that exemplifies the artist’s unique “art storms” technique. In this artwork, Archer’s mastery in electrocuting acrylic and resin paint with a Tesla coil is on full display, resulting in a dramatic background that captures the turbulent beauty of a cosmic storm. The scene is infused with shocks of color that resemble lightning, swirling in a dance of blues, purples, and celestial whites against the darkness of space.

The composition is divided into two distinct parts: the cosmic tableau above and a stark silhouette scene below. The upper portion of the piece is dominated by a large, textured celestial body, its beige tones and cracked surface resembling a barren extraterrestrial landscape. It is surrounded by smaller spheres in various colors, which may represent other planets or moons, floating in the vibrant ether of a nebula.

Below this interstellar display is a contrasting, serene earthly scene. Set against a backdrop of a starry night that transitions into the warm glow of a horizon, the silhouetted figures of two monkeys are engaged in the timeless game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The playful nature of their interaction is a stark contrast to the grandiose and mysterious universe above them. Additionally, the silhouetted palm trees add to the earthy and grounded feel of the lower section, anchoring the celestial dreamscape to a familiar reality.

The dual themes of the piece invite contemplation of the macrocosm and microcosm, suggesting a playful connection between the vast universe and the simple, yet profound, games we play. “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is not just a display of Archer’s skill and creativity, but also a philosophical musing on the nature of existence, where cosmic forces and human interactions intertwine in a beautiful, awe-inspiring tableau. This artwork would likely provoke wonder and ignite the imagination of anyone who views it, serving as a conversation piece and a source of endless fascination.