• From: New Hampshire, USA
  • Style: Wavy Canvas, Wavy Frame
  • Media: Oil on Canvas, Embellished Giclee on Canvas, Surf boards
  • Subject: Disney Characters, Beach Scenes, Tropical Landscapes, Lake Tahoe
  • Art Value:
    Limited Editions: $740 and up
    Originals: $2,000 and up

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Steve Barton Summer Show Friday, August 16th and Saturday, August 17th, 2019


15th Anniversary Artist Experience! Ever wanted to paint like Steve Barton? Reserve a spot today for the opportunity to experience a "paint and sip" class with Steve Barton. Event takes place Saturday at noon!

Steve Barton is the famous "Wavy Frame" artist. His paintings are inspired by the vivid colors of tropical beaches and vacation destinations like Lake Tahoe and Southern California. Steve's relaxing artwork captured the attention of Disney and opened up a whole new marriage of artistic imagination. Join us for hors d'oeuvres August 16th and 17th as Steve Barton paints live at the gallery.

Each of Steve Barton’s paintings capture more then just the viewer’s gaze. They are times remembered and days to come; they stop time and soften your heart; they draw you in and say,“Come, sit, relax…” The sunny climate of Southern California where Steve Barton now lives with his wife and son suits his taste and personality perfectly. The coastal setting surrounding his home reflects his bright and lively perspective and encourages his focus on color and beauty. Barton and his family love to spend time searching out new tropical settings and flowers with bright vivid colors. They scour the beachfront for villas, cabins, and archways that capture the heart and feel of life on the beach. Most recently Steve Barton’s art was able to capture the attention of Disney, opening up a whole new world for his paintings to explore and create with characters from the magical kingdom.

For Steve Barton, painting is a way of life. He loves to spend spare moments combing areas for inspiration to use in future paintings. Though the subjects of his paintings vary, the casual elegance is consistent. Each painting Steve Barton does reveals something about him; he has a casual, engaging personality and is extremely enthusiastic about being a painter.

Originally from New Hampshire, Barton’s success as an artist began early. He was eight when his love for art began. His mother, an oil painter herself, inspired and encouraged him to paint. After studying at Rhode Island School of Design, Barton desired to broaden his search for subject matter. He traveled to the West Coast, where his paintings took on the dreamlike qualities that we experience today.