The Marcus Ashley Gallery Fine Art Blog

There’s always more to discover in the art realm, and our knowledgeable art consultants are eager to share their experiences and discoveries with our visitors. On our fine art blog, you can find informative pieces about types of artworks on display at our gallery, in-depth looks at techniques used in the art world, and articles about artists we feature in our gallery.

Welcome to our art blog — we hope you find something here that inspires you!

Learn More About Local Artists

Our gallery is located in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, an area that has been the source of inspiration for countless artists long before our gallery existed. We’re proud to be the home gallery of many incredibly talented local and international artists.

If you’d like to learn more about the artists we feature at Marcus Ashley Gallery, then keep up with our art blog and sign up for our special events where you have the chance to meet some of these incredibly talented artists in person.

Your Home for Inspiration and Enrichment

If you’re an artist or you work in a creative field, we hope these articles about artists and their techniques inspire you to keep pursuing your craft. We all face a bit of artistic “writer’s block” at some point in our career, and reading an art blog or visiting an art gallery can help to reinvigorate your unique creative spark.

Come visit Marcus Ashley Gallery in person in South Lake Tahoe or explore our online art gallery!

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