Why We Love Mixed Media Artists

Mixed media painting of an eagle by 2Wild at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Mixed media painting of an eagle by 2Wild at Marcus Ashley Gallery
“Wild Flight” by 2Wild, acrylic and mixed media on panel

Mixed media artwork is totally free of restrictions. Any limitation a particular media might have is forfeit when you blend materials to create your own new style. The lack of barriers can be overwhelming for some, but the best mixed media artists utilize the full extent of their creativity to produce utterly ingenious artwork.

Here, we’ll explore why mixed media art is breaking boundaries and the contemporary mixed media artists that are shaping the genre. Learn more from the art connoisseurs at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

A Brief History of Mixed Media Art

The definition of mixed media can simply be “artwork that uses more than one medium,” the concept of which has been around since as long as artwork has been around. As a respected art form in the Western world, however, mixed media became popular around the time of Picasso around the 1910s. 

Picasso would blend previously unheard of materials like canvas, rope, and seemingly random materials such as wallpaper in his work. His peers, including Braque and Matisse, experimented with collage and cubism in new and eccentric ways, blending media in a way that was previously considered gauche or unacceptable.   

The mixed media artist Marcel Duchamp truly took collage to new heights, however, with his innovative and often bizarre collages. He took strange items like newspaper clippings and broken pipes to make artwork that really “stood out” — and even infuriated some fine art connoisseurs at the time.

Mixed media artwork often existed to challenge the very idea of what artwork was to the art world, especially those in high society salons who were still firmly rooted in classical techniques and approaches. Mixed media artwork was one of the big steps towards breaking down boundaries for artwork that existed between the rich and the poor. Its message: “You can make art out of anything.”

Contemporary Mixed Media Artists We Love

At Marcus Ashley Gallery, we’re proud to host work from some of the finest mixed media artists of our time. Mixed media allows artists to push creative boundaries and give two-dimensional works interesting texture and unique 3D elements. 

Below is some of our favorite mixed media artwork on display at our gallery. Make sure you explore more artists at our online exhibition!

2Wild (An Artistic Collaboration of Barak and Miri Rozenvain)

Mixed media artwork of a golfer swinging a club with the arc of his swing covered in colorful butterflies, entitled Spring Golfing by artist duo 2Wild.
Spring Golfing” by 2Wild, acrylic and mixed media on panel

Brother and sister duo Miri and Barak Rozenvain are some of the best known contemporary mixed media artists today, and they do not hold back in their ambitious experimentation and soaring creativity. Both siblings are impressive and accomplished artists in their own right, and together, their art soars to new heights. 

No media is off limits for 2Wild. They use everything from map clippings to glitter to sand in their artwork, all carefully collected from places in which they’ve gathered their inspiration. They also take commissions from clients, and are happy to represent the themes and inspirations that are important to you in their unique style. 

Dave Archer

A colorful cosmic scene with a central pinkish planet, entitled Mystic by Dave Archer.
Mystic” by Dave Archer, mixed media on glass

Dave Archer’s cosmic mixed media artwork is not just superficially fantastic; the scientific approach to his work makes it completely out of this world. 

Archer actually uses a handheld Tesla coil to electrocute a mixture of acrylic resin paint, which produces “cosmic clouds” he then paints over with planets and surreal galactic elements. He manipulates the paints on the back of clear glass with two million volts of electricity, and takes inspiration from real photographs from space telescopes for his imaginary galaxies. 

Archer is a fantastic example of a mixed media artist who uses technology and specialized materials in his craft. He was one of the pioneers of mixing electricity with art as well, with his earliest works first made in the 1970s. His works are truly like no other, and have even been featured in shows like Star Trek!

Rolinda Stotts

A triptych of pine trees and an orange landscape, painted by Rolinda Stotts.
On the Wild Side” by Rolinda Stotts, mixed media

Stotts uses a mixture of different types of woods and acrylic to create beautiful natural landscapes and evocative scenes that respect her powerful love of nature. 

What’s fascinating and unique about Stotts’ artwork is that she intentionally breaks and cracks her work. The results evoke images of ancient frescos and decayed wood, adding beautiful layers of texture and tactile depth. Imperfection is beauty to Stotts, and there truly is a deep beauty in her one-of-a-kind mixed media artwork. 

Discover Mixed Media Artists at Marcus Ashley Gallery

At Marcus Ashley Gallery, our passion is representing some of the best artists of history and today. We host fine works from some of the best mixed media artists in the United States and beyond, and we’re delighted to share them with you both online and in person in South Lake Tahoe. 

Our concierge gallery services allow you to collect fine artwork for your own personal collection. We can provide the highest gallery services including custom framing, fully insured international shipping, and certificates of replacement value. Come visit our expansive gallery or consider purchasing artwork for your collection online.