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Image of custom framing on Todd White artwork on a wall at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Marcus Ashley Gallery’s custom frame shop services allow you to take fine artwork from our collection and preserve it in a way that you can treasure for a lifetime. Our skilled art consultants can help you select quality custom art framing that suits both the exquisite artwork and the personal style of your home.

Our gallery is home to some of the most famous artists of our time. Also, we provide the highest level of service for both our clients and the artists we are proud to represent. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your piece. Additionally, we help you preserve your unique fine artwork in the best method possible.

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Custom Art Framing FAQ

Can you frame any artwork you sell?

Yes! We offer museum-quality custom framing on all the items we sell, and at a great price.

As final art dealers, our specialty is in selling our featured and world-renowned artists.However, we also offer a custom framing service that makes it easy for you to hang your new piece of art the moment it arrives. High-quality, custom framing helps you enjoy your artwork forever!

How much does custom art framing cost, on average?

It depends on the size of the art piece and intricacy of the frame you choose. Once our framer finally gets to that last step of building your frame, it’s almost done. Most of the work is in the designing and sourcing of frame materials. It’s also in the handling of your fine art, ordering, and receiving all the necessary components for your frame.

Is this service available online or just in person?

Selecting your custom frame can be done in person or virtually with Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Additionally, we’re proud that we often do not need to work with clients on their custom frames, since we build over 1000 custom frames per year by hand, with a combined experience of 100 years in custom frame and design experience. You can rest assured that your art is in good hands, and we are always happy to discuss your preferences ahead of time.

How long does custom art framing take?

Expect your artwork framing experience to take 4 to 8 weeks. Please get in touch with us about any questions on your specific piece’s turnaround time.

What is ‘museum style’ framing?

“Museum quality” refers to the high-quality materials or techniques used in the creation of the frame itself. Suggesting that the artwork would have a level of materials that enhance the preservation of the art and be suitable for placing in a museum. It means that the materials we use are suitable for long-term preservation and care, ultimately extending the life of your artwork. Frames of this quality also help protect and support the art. Doing so all while complementing the artwork’s visual appeal without overpowering it.

Do you offer custom engraving or plaques?

We are happy to assist you with custom engraving or plaques for your frame. One popular style adds a plaque attachment to a frame with artwork title and artist name, for example.

Where are your frames manufactured?

Our beautiful frames are manufactured by our own dedicated staff in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We are 100% committed to serving our community of artists and clients with premium framing services at our frame shop. Our custom frame facility encompasses 3600 sq. feet. There one of our gallery and founders, Marcus, works with his team of expert framers, art installers, and logistics experts to ensure we can ship the final framed products efficiently.

Can you salvage used/antique frames?

While we can try to assess any salvaged and/or antique frames you may be interested in using, we generally recommend a new custom frame for your art. Picture framing is very precise so depending on the state of your found treasure, it may not be the best option to enhance the life of your new art. That said, when you’re building something from scratch, anything is possible!

Can you include UV filters on your glass?

If your artwork requires encasement, we use UV non-glare museum-grade acrylic called Optically Pure.

Shipping and Other Services

Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in the popular South Lake Tahoe region. Where many tourists come year-round to ski, enjoy the wilderness, and discover exciting local destinations like our gallery. Because we get so many visitors from around the world, we are happy to offer fully insured international shipping options.When you order art with frames shipped from our gallery’s custom frame shop, it is fully insured until the moment it arrives at your door. We also offer annual Certificates of Replacement Value so you can report your artwork’s value to your insurance. We offer premium services that allow our clients to enjoy and treasure your artwork for generations to come.

Everyone should be able to afford the art of their dreams. In addition to our custom art framing services, we also offer financing and layaway options so your fine artwork purchase fits perfectly with your budget.

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We are proud to offer the same wonderful service that we do online as we do in person. If you ever have any questions about the artwork you wish to purchase or how it will look in your collection, our experts are happy to help.

Our art consultants will work with you to find artwork that suits the style of your home and your ideal aesthetic, all with custom art framing that fits your space.

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