Rob Gonsalves Prints - Widow's Walk II

About Widow’s Walk II

In Widows Walk II, Rob Gonsalves continues his first imaginative idea about the women of times past who would frantically pace and worry. These women would stare out to the sea for any sign of their husband’s ship to appear on the horizon giving them hope that their men had returned from a perilous voyage. This piece is reminiscent of  Widows Walk however, in this version we see a much more dramatic vantage of this home being perched high above the see and how wide spread a view of the ocean she has. Also in this piece there is a spiritual feel where is the illusion takes place with the girl holding a candle and reflecting from her are the spirits of centuries past. She has a knowing look that where she stands now there have been some very powerful emotional moments and discoveries made that changed the course of history.

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Widow’s Walk II

Fine Art Editions on Canvas
8 x 10 on Paper
15 15/16 x 19 15/16 on Canvas
31 13/16 x 39 5/8 on Canvas

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