Rob Gonsalves Art - Widows Walk

About Widow’s Walk

Long ago in the times of the Victorian era there was a myth about where in the household the wives of  sea captains would wait for their husbands to return from dangerous sea voyages. The railed-in platform on the roof of many sea front homes is called a widow’s walk, and it is believed in legend that seamen’s wives will haunt this precipice longing to see the tall masts of ships bringing their husbands home safely. In Widow’s Walk, Gonsalves shows an embodiment of this legend including the full moon reflecting on the distant sea, the railings slowly turning into a waiting widow, and the towering clouds reflecting off the sea to become sails of a great ship floating on the water.

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Widow’s Walk

Fine Art Editions on Paper
8.25" x 12" on Paper

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