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About Towers of Knowledge

Towers of Knowledge is a favorite piece among library-goers, book lovers, and students of all ages. In the painting’s foreground, tables are occupied by people reading, learning, and working together; the rooms occupants enjoy a cozy setting surrounded by countless literary masterpieces. As your eye travels upward, the library’s ceiling bends as the illusion begins to take place: clouds wisp into a circular pattern as the sky opens up, and in the distance, the towers of a city are formed from stacks of books. As the viewer steps back and looks again, the piece becomes cohesive, blending into a single miracle of the eye. Seeing this piece throughout the changing light of the day – as the artist intended it be observed – pulls the viewer’s focus onto different points in the painting: the couple studying. The distant lake. The young man reading alone. Each image pops, jumping off the canvas in a different manner depending on the degree of light. This illusory magic takes the observer on an endless journey, picking out new details and highlights with each viewing.

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Towers of Knowledge

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