Rob Gonsalves - Towards the Horizon

About Towards the Horizon

With Towards the Horizon, we get the special treat of seeing a new rendition of one of Gonsalves’ sold out masterpieces – only this time, our perspective is from the opposite direction. In the precursor to this painting, called Sun Set Sails, Gonsalves also used a distant bridge, a lone car traveling, a moonlit reflection, and a massive fleet of ancient schooners sailing the high seas. In Towards the Horizon, we see a car driving by the light of the moon deep into the far reaches of the horizon – and seemingly, back in time. The symbolism of this painting gives the reader pause: in our hasty rushing back and forth, what do we miss?  This piece reminds us to occasionally hit the brakes and observe the beauty that exists around us in this present moment.

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Towards the Horizon

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13.5 x 27 on Canvas
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