Eric Christensen - The Study

About The Study

Eric Christensen has created another masterful work of art, “The Study”, a hyper realistic watercolor wine art painting. European masters created miniaturized versions of their artwork as a preliminary to the final work, known as a study. Now Christensen has created a modern day study of “Back to Back”. In “The Study” Christensen enhances colors and emphasizes texture and reflections seen in “Back to Back”. Composition for this also differs from the full size painting as it features a “cut-away” with only a few shapes and elements. One of his most technically challenging pieces, “The Study” represents the first time Christensen has created such an oversized detail composition with watercolor. This truly amazing painting glows with reflections and subtle light.

Featured wine: Far Niente Oakville Cabernet

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The Study

Fine Art Editions on Canvas
26" x 32"
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