Mackenzie Thorpe - The Fastest

About The Fastest

Who remembers their first Schwinn (or Huffy) bike? I sure do!! And I rode it everywhere…it was the first feeling of freedom I had as a kid, the wind in my hair, the speed of my peddling, riding no handed, beating my friends in a race…it was all thrilling and still meaningful every time I get on my not so sleek and fast ‘mom cruiser’ bike now. To commemorate Mackenzie’s honor of being the official artist of The Tour De Yorkshire race in England coming up this May, we are thrilled to release The Fastest. Mackenzie combines different elements from various cycling bikes and equipment….a helmut from one type of racing, handlebars from another, and no spokes or peddles so you can add it yourself……everyone can connect with this racer, from the highly skilled cyclists to the Sunday afternoon cruiser.

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The Fastest

Hand-Painted Resin Sculpture
14.25” high

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