Michael Parkes Art - Court Painter Stone Lithograph

About The Court Painter

This is a light-hearted look at the daily trials and tribulations in the life of a court painter. There are many paintings of court painters throughout the ages trying to capture their royal subjects. My favorite one is the painting, Las Meninas, by Velázquez. It was also Picasso's favorite as he reinterpreted Velázquez's painting several times. Their lives must have been extremely difficult walking that fine line of flattering their subjects while attempting to tell some truth in their art work. Goya was the most startling example of a court painter who was outrageous and extremely brave. He painted his royal subjects with brutal honesty and yet the royals somehow only saw themselves in Goya's works as remarkable and beautiful due to their inbreeding!

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The Court Painter

Fine Art Editions on Paper
21 x 35

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Stone Lithographs