Jon Paul Photography - Mountainside Detail and Snow

About Mountainside Detail and Snow

Mountainside Detail & Snow is somewhat of a signature Jon Paul image. While many of my photographs have a “wow factor”, my reputation has been built upon the subtlety and detail that is reinforced with my large format technique. This image epitomizes that practicality.
I visited Emerald Bay, here in Lake Tahoe, on the morning of a light snowstorm. While my first look was to the iconic bay itself, my attention turned to the textures and detail on the steep mountainside that towers above. I chose to eliminate the sky and dramatic peaks from the composition by adapting my 8×10 inch film camera to use a 4×10 inch panoramic sheet of film. I made the forms of granite, pine trees and willow bushes the main subject matter. Their shapes and textures accentuated by the contrasting  layer of fresh snow. While the image was monotone as a color scene, I envisioned the stronger contrast and starkness of a true black and white image. The detail afforded by that huge piece of film makes the print quality extraordinary.

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Mountainside Detail and Snow

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