Jon Paul Photography - Logan Shoals Sunset

About Logan Shoals Sunset

With the feeling that a special sunset was brewing I set out to attempt a composition in a location I had yet to photograph. I had scouted this hidden cove in the Logan Shoals area of South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I found an interesting composition including some of Tahoe’s signature granite boulders in the water and anxiously set up my large format (4×5 inch) film camera. As the sun sank in the sky, the water became calm and the structure of the clouds came together. I allowed myself to enjoy the amazing beauty of this place as I waited for the peak of the sunset color. As the scene came together before my eyes, I removed the dark slide on my film holder, set my timer and opened the shutter. One sheet of film exposed. It just felt right. Another “moment in time” captured on film enabling me to share the beauty of this extraordinary place with the world.

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Logan Shoals Sunset

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