Rob Gonsalves Art - High Park Pickets

About High Park Pickets

In a playful balancing act, One of the characters in High Park Pickets walks along the edge of a picket fence, knowing the soft grass will cushion him should he fall. His counterpart, however, is more daring: only a thin plank lies beneath her feet, strung high between balconies and building rooftops. Will her feet carry her safely across this tightrope? At what point does our safety net – real or imagined – become too far away to serve its purpose? Are we truly tied to it like we think we are, or can we keep on balancing without support and make it safely to our next destination? Rob Gonsalves’, “High Park Pickets” is an exploration of this youthful dance.

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High Park Pickets

Fine Art Editions on Canvas
26" x 37" on Canvas

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