Focused by Sally Maxwell

About Focused

When we went to Africa the second time, I requested that our PH find us Leopards. The pervious trip brough only one leopard, far away and on top of a termite mound. He delivered and this young male was bound and determined to walk right next to our observation vehicle and not look our way. It offered many photo ops and a great encounter with the female he was focused on! She also became the focus of several of my works.

I chose this piece as the first one to work on after a long time off. I needed to get back in the groove and get productive but had lost my own focus, so I chose this guy. Sometimes your mood inspires the art you choose to work on or buy and sometimes the art serves to change your mood, much like music. This one delivered for me and got me going again.

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Original Painting
24" x 24"

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