Jon Paul - Aspen Gold and Pink Undergrowth, Grand Tetons

About Aspen Gold and Pink Undergrowth, Grand Tetons

Many of my finest images are the product of exploration and unexpected discovery. This image is a beautiful result of that process. While on my annual fall photo trip in Grand Teton National Park I decided to bypass the iconic overlooks and explore a Forest Service back road into the foothills. As I rounded a dark corner I noticed the underbrush surrounding the aspen trees had a pink glow. While there wasn’t an image there, I became focussed on the potential subject of pink undergrowth in an aspen grove. I continued further up the mountain in search of a composition. Thankfully, as I rose higher on the ridge and emerged from the forest, my eye was drawn to the edge of the aspen grove below me in the canyon. It was lightly raining and overcast, so the open light on the edge of the forest was light enough to create a bright cheerful image, but subdued enough to eliminate harsh shadows in the trees. I hiked about half way down the hill and found just the right vantage point to compose this unique image. The strong architectural lines of the aspen trunks combined with the soft pinks and vibrant yellows of the foliage made this my favorite image from this years excursion in Wyoming.

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Aspen Gold and Pink Undergrowth, Grand Tetons

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