Tahoe Blue


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“Tahoe Blue” by Todd White is a stunning portrait of a blonde woman skier in a dark blue one-piece suit, adorned with a cross-body yellow bag. The background of the artwork features a snowy blue winter scene, perfectly capturing the essence of a skiing experience.

The woman’s expression is serene, and her body is poised for action, conveying her confidence and experience on the slopes. She wears goggles on her head, and a fur-lined hood covering her head and ears, indicating that she is ready to brave the elements and take on the mountain.

White’s masterful use of color and texture in this piece creates a vivid, lifelike representation of a winter wonderland. The dark blue of the skier’s suit contrasts beautifully with the snowy blue of the background, and the fur lining adds a touch of warmth and luxury to the overall composition.

Overall, “Tahoe Blue” is a striking work of art that captures the thrill and excitement of skiing while also celebrating the beauty of nature in winter.