She Still Looks at Me This Way


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Visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery get to indulge in an erudite exchange with the patrons, staff, and art consultants who are well-versed with the collections on display. The gallery crafts a memorable experience for everyone who comes through its doors. Come by the gallery to peruse and admire the remarkable Todd White art exhibits that create interesting narratives through the artist’s inspiring creativity and unpretentious perspective.

She Still Looks at Me This Way captures a doe-eyed beauty with an intense expression on her pretty face. She holds a glass of red wine in one hand as she partakes in friendly banter. Sultry eyes, full lips, textured skin, and cascading hair are hallmark features that make this White painting instantly recognizable. Unlike the gorgeous enigmas in most of White’s works, portrayed sipping on margaritas or champagne in upscale bars in the city, this one’s different. The painting beckons viewers to take in the woman’s arresting confidence and subdued cheekiness— so beautifully conveyed through her stance — that do not take away from her unaffected countryside charm.

The artist’s best works portray women with bold, expressive features that reveal hidden truths beyond the surface. She Still Looks at Me This Way will add a dash of vibrant charm to any corner of a room.