Always Half Empty


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“Life in my head, how I want things to be, and the response I have gotten has been a roller coaster of emotions. I never expected that my art would intertwine people’s souls the way it has, so what inspires me are the people I meet at my shows.” – Todd White

When art lovers seek lighthearted fun with a hint of mystery in painted masterpieces, their feet inevitably lead them to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. For on the whitewashed walls of the edifice hang the eclectic collection of Todd White art. The contemporary American icon never fails to elicit admiration for his figurative expressionist work.

Dominated by femme fatales of the LA scene, White’s art indulges a viewer in secrets better illustrated and left unsaid. “Always Half Empty” is exactly that – a virtual treat where wine and woman meet to titillate the senses. She channels the Roaring Twenties spirit through a vibrant red gown and feathers in her hair.