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Fans of expressionist paintings will be thrilled to explore Todd White art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The artist observes people with a keen eye and unerringly uncovers their complex layers through his work. His work often portrays provocative, energetic, or demure subjects in snazzy bars or lounges. Collectors will be drawn to White’s bold use of color and exaggerated perspective of movement, body language, and facial expressions.

In Arcade, a ravishing blonde sports a masquerade get-up, complete with feather hair accessories and a glitter-rimmed mask. Her deep blue eyes quietly scan the room as she sips a dirty martini. She holds an air of palpable sexuality and confidence, which the artist captures with finesse. White relies on varying intensities of subdued and dark paint that mimic raw and smooth textures. As the background and subject come to life, viewers get a raw, unfiltered look at Todd’s meticulous artistic process.

Arcade elevates White’s uncanny ability to turn a random stranger into a work of art. His brilliant perspective and straightforward approach come together like a symphony. Arcade will look great in a recreational room, bar, or restaurant with a classic retro or vintage aesthetic.