Thomas Easley

Photo of the artist Thomas Easley, artist represented at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Thomas Easley

Thomas Easley, of 15 years at our gallery,  was born and raised in the Lake Tahoe area. His life always boasted adventure and his hobbies were always creative. He left Tahoe when he was seventeen, seeking life experiences and a stronger knowledge of the world. Although he has spent the majority of his life exploring the world, he could never be away for too long without feeling like he was missing a part of himself.

When you ask Easley how he begins his work, he will tell you “everything begins with the forest.” He cherishes his time alone where he can simply be. Being from the forest made him feel more as a cog in a wheel, rather than the center of his own existence. He finds Tahoe to always be a humbling experience. 

He has spent his lifetime seeking and experiencing how individuals go about their searches for enlightenment. He has trotted the globe observing and participating in unique practices. Easley spent a considerable amount of time examining churches, cults, priests, cultures, etc., he even met the Dalai Lama. no matter what path people take to enlightenment, they  always begin with the practice of remaining in the present. This element of everyone’s journey Easley loves most; The present may seem repetitive, but they aren’t every moment unique. 

On His Works

He works with watercolor on vellum, and loves paper and the texture of paper. If Easley could be there each time someone views one of his pieces, he would ask them to touch the paper and the surface he is working on. He finds something wonderful about a good cold press paper. The paper is refined and given within itself it brings life into homes. Easley works with various mediums he finds oil has more life in it than other mediums, and gets a sensation of connectedness. He uses Acrylic and watercolor to develop a scene that encompasses what is happening in life rather than a style. 

His depictions of wine are primarily done in acrylic. He will begin with an idea, and is looking for certain colors and looks to complement and strengthen reality. Then he will do a freehand sketch. Once he has an idea of the background, acrylic is applied. Easley uses large 8” -12” spackle blades, sprays water to soften the edges, then checks against the composition before sketching over it. He usually begins with the bottle, because it is central to the wine painting. He lets the painting tell him what it needs, as it’s always in an experimental state. As it unfolds, it has to deliver purpose and life to feel right. He let’s the painting tell him it’s done. He finds colors are a lot like people. There are a lot of people who are red, blue, green and so on…  after years of studying color theory, he loves to start with earth colors in the primary palate, then moves into variation. Easley thinks a great deal about his cultural target audience and their understanding of color. Color is the first impression, if the color doesn’t speak with them, they may not move toward it to dive deeper. When Thomas Easley paints he is first true to himself, then includes the visions and dreams of others to attain the final composition.