• From: California, USA
  • Style: Abstract Expressionism
  • Media: Acrylic on Board, Fine Art Limited Editions
  • Subject: Landscapes, Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Bay Area, Rooster, Wine, Nudes

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Thomas Easley is an extraordinary talent. He is an author, does book illustrations and paints in a wide variety of media and themes. During his career he has done miniature paintings, marvelous architectural landscapes, nudes, still life’s and has recently started two series of impressionistic paintings. One theme is golfers, where Thomas captures the serenity and intensity of golf. The other theme that is unique and has gained wide acclaim are his impressionistic “Roosters”. The Roosters have attitude, action, and vibrant color.

Thomas M. Easley was born in Oroville, California in 1949 and raised at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He has spent most of his adult life in Europe and Asia. The study and practice of the principles of philosophy and metaphysics, which began for Easley as a child, have taken him through a number of professions, from music and song writing, in his teens, to freelance writing, teaching, journalism, professional skiing, carpentry and art.

As an artist, Easley sees himself first and most importantly as a professional obligated to maintain those standards laid down years ago by the Greek and European masters. And second, with the freedom of those standards he searches for inspiration to create meaningful and when possible, beautiful long lasting works of art. From miniatures to detailed architectural landscapes painted in oil, to exquisite watercolor nudes on paper, to “extreme expressionism” and abstracts rendered with acrylics, Easley never fails to captivate. Easley is a master not of one discipline, but of diversity.

He is, in my opinion, our first 21st Century artist.” — Zannah Castaneda, Art Critic/Writer/Journalist (Encinitas, CA).