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Shipping and Framing

This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

“My family and I love to spend time searching out new tropical settings and flowers with bright vivid colors.” – Steve Barton

Dive into the enchanting world of art by exploring the marvelous collections of the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Art appreciators will truly enjoy browsing the works on display, including Steve Barton art. The artist is well-established in the art community as a virtuoso of contemporary impressionist art. His themes usually cover tropical paradises that will tickle a viewer’s wanderlust.

For a change, Barton takes us to the depths of the ocean to marvel at the world in Sterling. Rich greys, blacks, and whites commingle with pops of cobalt blue to create a hypnotic display of depth and form. A majestic turtle swims in slow motion as its curious eyes canvas the ocean’s bottom. From the artist’s perspective, the turtle appears to be gazing intently into the viewer’s eyes.

Barton creates a patchwork of thick paint smears in the background that reveals a distinct textural depth. Sterling captures a fascinating side of the artist’s work that allows fans to bask in his artistic endeavors.

Interested buyers who wish to have the artist’s classic “wavy” frame included can reach out to the gallery’s expert staff.