Scenic Stop


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The Original Edition of "Scenic Stop" will include complimentary custom framing.

“There’s no place like Tahoe. It’s one of my ‘home bases.’” – Steve Barton

Lake Tahoe is a magical location steeped in acres of unmarred beauty. The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery share a mutual love for this Californian paradise and its unobstructed views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Steve Barton art collection includes many fine pieces created in Lake Tahoe, a much-loved place often depicted in Barton’s work.

His unmistakable style of painting takes center stage in Scenic Stop. In this painting, a vintage car is parked on a stretch of sand. In the distance, the frothy waves ebb and flow against a beautiful tropical shoreline. An elevated beach house sits amidst a sandy oasis revealing a pocket of exotic wild blossoms swaying to the sea breeze. The artist layers thick smears of paint on the wavy canvas, introducing a mesmerizing synergy of perspective and balance. Loose brushstrokes create a lovely patchwork of vivid hues that animate every element of this idyllic getaway.

Scenic Stop captures the essence of Barton’s work in a way that makes one want to visit a place as beautiful as the one portrayed. This original painting comes with a complimentary wavy frame by the artist.