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“For me, painting is a way of life.” – Steve Barton

Rustic interiors and an inviting atmosphere make the Marcus Ashley Gallery a favorite place for collectors to view and buy art. This mammoth gallery is tucked in the heart of Heavenly Village, a bustling center of Lake Tahoe’s finest stores. Stroll through this lovely locale and drop by the gallery to explore the Steve Barton art on display. The artist’s work is immersed in tropical vibes that will instantly transport you to the sandy shores of Hawaii.

The artist is known to reach out to surfers for their surfboards, turning them into works of art. Surfboards provide a dynamic surface for Barton to work with. The artist infuses the board with a quintessential palette of soothing blues and atmospheric grey washes in “Freedom”. He paints  beautiful palm trees and shrubbery.

Barton relies on fluid brushstrokes and layers of pigments to animate the sandy shores and frothy waves of this tropical paradise. “Freedom” will be perfect for collectors who have an affinity for contemporary impressionist paintings.