Across The Lake


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Medium Stain

“Across the Lake” by Steve Barton is an exquisite painting that encapsulates the serene and majestic beauty of a lakeside dusk. The painting features an autumnal forest ablaze with fiery oranges and golds, reflecting upon the glassy surface of the lake, creating a symmetrical harmony of colors. The elongated panoramic frame accentuates the wide, sweeping view of the landscape, inviting the viewer to take in every detail of the tranquil scene.

The dark silhouette of the trees against the vibrant backdrop of the sunset sky adds a dramatic contrast, while the intricate details of the foliage display Barton’s remarkable ability to capture the complexity of nature. The calmness of the lake juxtaposed with the dynamic sky creates a balance that is both invigorating and soothing.

This painting, with its elegant wooden frame that echoes the natural tones within the artwork, would bring a sense of peace and the grandeur of the outdoors to any living space. It is a celebration of the natural world’s splendor and a testament to Barton’s skill in creating landscapes that resonate with the viewer’s sense of wonder and appreciation for nature’s beauty.