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“I want to share and enjoy art with others to make room for new stuff and keep my mind clear.” – Steve Barton

What makes Marcus Ashley Gallery inviting is the homey atmosphere that one does not usually experience in an art showroom. This is one of the reasons why both visitors and residents keep on coming back. Another motivation is its comprehensive Steve Barton art collection, the largest in any gallery. The artist just keeps on adding to his craft.

Dusty, the latest Barton offering, is a departure from his coastal paintings, which fans worldwide have known and loved. Taking the place of his trademark “Wavy” frame and canvas is a live edge wood, still wavy on the borders though more three-dimensional. The focal point on this interesting installation is someone’s furry pal in a resting position, calm but alert. Its carriage echoes Barton’s signature theme of a serene life on the beach. In fact, apart from the dominant earth hues in the whole piece, blue is the only other color. Perhaps a reminder that no matter how much he experiments on different mediums, the ocean will always be at its heart.