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“Stumpin'” by Sally Maxwell

Introducing “Stumpin’,” a captivating scratchboard original by the esteemed artist Sally Maxwell. This striking artwork features a detailed and lifelike portrayal of a raven perched confidently on a weathered stump. The raven, rendered in exquisite detail, stands out against the dark background, showcasing Maxwell’s mastery of the scratchboard technique.

The intricate textures and contrasts achieved in “Stumpin'” highlight the raven’s feathers and the rugged surface of the stump, creating a sense of depth and realism. The raven’s open beak and watchful eyes convey a sense of alertness and presence, drawing viewers into the scene.

Sally Maxwell’s use of scratchboard allows for precise and delicate lines, making each feather and wood grain come to life with remarkable clarity. This piece is a testament to her skill and dedication to capturing the essence of wildlife in her art.

Ideal for collectors and admirers of wildlife art, “Stumpin'” is a powerful and evocative addition to any collection. Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, this original artwork is sure to be a focal point and a conversation starter.

Experience the beauty and intricacy of nature through the eyes of Sally Maxwell with “Stumpin’,” a stunning representation of her talent and artistic vision. This piece is more than just art; it is a celebration of the natural world and its inhabitants.

A note from the artist:


This is an homage to all of the politics we have to listen to. It is an American tradition before our elections. Way back in the day it was referred to as stumpin’ because often the candidate would hop up on the nearest tree trunk and orate just like this raven is doing. My photos of his neighboring Bald Eagle that was in a tree turned out just as great!

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