Puppy Love


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Experience the heartwarming bond between a mother wolf and her playful pup in Sally Maxwell’s exquisite scratchboard art piece, “Puppy Love.” This original artwork captures a tender and intimate moment of affection, showcasing the deep connection and love shared between the two animals. The mother wolf’s serene expression and the pup’s playful energy are rendered with meticulous detail, bringing this enchanting scene to life.

Maxwell’s mastery of the scratchboard technique is evident in the realistic textures of the wolves’ fur and the delicate interplay of light and shadow. The intricate lines and precise craftsmanship create a striking contrast against the dark background, emphasizing the tenderness and warmth of the moment. The addition of subtle grass details at the bottom of the composition further enhances the natural setting and depth of the piece.

“Puppy Love” is a testament to Maxwell’s ability to capture the essence of wildlife with stunning accuracy and emotional depth. This piece is perfect for animal lovers and art collectors who appreciate the beauty of nature and the intricate artistry of scratchboard technique.

Add “Puppy Love” to your collection and let this touching depiction of maternal love and playful innocence bring warmth and joy to your space.