On a Mission


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Shipping and Framing

This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

Introducing “On a Mission” – an exquisite scratchboard artwork by the talented artist Sally Maxwell. This captivating piece features the majestic leopard emerging from a mysterious, dark black circle against a serene cream background. Every stroke of Sally’s skilled hand brings the leopard to life, capturing its power, grace, and untamed beauty.

The contrast between the deep black circle and the cream backdrop creates a striking visual effect, drawing the viewer’s attention to the focal point of the artwork – the determined leopard on a mission. As the creature steps out of the enigmatic darkness, its piercing gaze locks onto its objective with unwavering intensity.

Sally Maxwell’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in this original artwork. The scratchboard technique adds texture and depth to the leopard’s sleek fur, giving it a lifelike quality that transports you to the heart of the wild. Each intricate stroke of Sally’s hand reveals the leopard’s muscular physique, accentuating its agility and stealth.