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“On the Fence” by Sally Maxwell

Introducing “On the Fence,” a delightful scratchboard original by the renowned artist Sally Maxwell. This charming piece captures a squirrel lounging comfortably on a wooden fence, exuding a sense of relaxation and contentment. The meticulous detail and lifelike texture achieved through Maxwell’s masterful scratchboard technique bring this scene to life with remarkable realism.

In “On the Fence,” the squirrel’s fur is intricately rendered, highlighting each strand with precision. The texture of the wooden fence is equally detailed, with the grain and knots of the wood adding depth and authenticity to the composition. The contrast between the soft, furry creature and the rugged, weathered fence creates a visually appealing dynamic.

Maxwell’s ability to capture the essence of wildlife in a moment of stillness and tranquility is evident in this piece. The squirrel’s pose, with its limbs draped over the fence and tail gently curved, evokes a sense of calm and ease, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the simple beauty of nature.

Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and art collectors, “On the Fence” is a captivating addition to any collection. Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, this original artwork is sure to draw admiration and spark conversations.

Embrace the artistry and natural beauty of Sally Maxwell’s work with “On the Fence,” a stunning representation of her talent and dedication to depicting the wonders of the animal world. This piece is more than just art; it is a celebration of the serene moments that nature offers.

A note from the artist:


Boy an election year is touchy and full of opinions. I tend to be an independent thinker and seem to be more and more “On the fence” about various policy proposals. This cute little urban wildlife moment is a good old red squirrel cooling himself off on a hot Texas summer day. I have seen them stretch flat on shaded concrete for the same purpose. They can stay immobile for a long time

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