Munchkin’ Lunch


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Step into the enchanting world of Sally Maxwell’s “Munchkin’ Lunch,” where the innocent curiosity of a young bear cub comes to life with exquisite detail and lifelike precision. This original scratchboard art piece captures a tender moment of a bear cub perched on a tree branch, munching on a delicate morsel. The intricately scratched textures and rich, deep tones of the fur contrast beautifully with the stark, dark background, creating a striking and captivating composition.

Maxwell’s mastery of the scratchboard technique is evident in the realistic portrayal of the bear’s soft fur, expressive eyes, and the natural textures of the tree branch. Every stroke and line is meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of this playful and endearing scene. The careful attention to detail and the lifelike quality of the artwork make “Munchkin’ Lunch” a standout piece in any collection.

Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and art collectors alike, this piece not only showcases Maxwell’s artistic prowess but also her deep appreciation for nature and its inhabitants. “Munchkin’ Lunch” invites viewers to pause and relish the simple, heartwarming moment of a young bear enjoying its meal in the wild.

Add a touch of wilderness charm to your space with Sally Maxwell’s “Munchkin’ Lunch,” and let this delightful bear cub bring a sense of wonder and joy to your art collection.