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This is a Limited Edition of 100 regardless of the size you order.

Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

A note from the artist-

One of the first series I did before starting to produce Giclee prints of my work was the “animal Magnetism Series. I love showing humans that animals really do have emotions and it is shown by their interactions. These two have been bound together forever it seems. They have had to learn how to stay in step and work together to get the job done. It may not be the choice they would have made if they had free choice, but it is what it is. They have bonded and are certainly capable of moving as one. There is a mutual respect here.

-S. Maxwell-