Wildflower Disco


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“Wildflower Disco” is an exquisite triptych by Rolinda Stotts, a testament to her mastery of the Bella Rotta technique. This innovative process, meaning “beautifully broken,” involves the deliberate layering and distressing of materials to create a uniquely textured and aged appearance that adds depth and character to each piece.

In this vibrant triptych, Stotts captures the ethereal beauty of a mountain meadow in full bloom. The three panels, when viewed together, depict a sweeping landscape featuring majestic peaks, verdant hills, and a foreground bursting with colorful wildflowers. The cracked texture of the Bella Rotta technique enhances the sense of natural wonder and timelessness, as if the scene has been lovingly preserved through the ages.

The left panel showcases towering evergreen trees, leading the eye to the central panel where the snow-capped mountains rise grandly against a bright blue sky. The right panel continues the rolling hills, dotted with wildflowers in shades of purple, white, and yellow, creating a harmonious and dynamic flow across the entire piece.

“Wildflower Disco” is a celebration of nature’s exuberance and resilience, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the joyful dance of wildflowers under the open sky. This piece is perfect for those who appreciate the intersection of natural beauty and artistic innovation, offering a striking focal point for any space.