A Little Slice of Bliss


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A note from the artist-

The definition of bliss is perfect happiness or great joy.

How would you like me to serve up a little slice of perfect happiness or great joy, as if I was serving you up a little slice of my homemade blackberry pie? Would you gobble it all up?

I painted this Bella Rotta, “A Little Slice of Bliss”, in a Plein air setting. The wildflowers called to me. I had to capture this moment of BLISS!

Stand still and take in “A Little Slice of Bliss”. Digest each color and brushstroke. Notice how the pines reaching upward to say “Hi!” to the bright blue bird sky. How many shades of green can there really be in a moment of bliss? Cool shadows appearing as deep blue pools, casting a spell on the wildflowers, calling them into taking a deep drink of coolness. It’s been a good year for wildflowers.

Can you see the path you would take on this bliss filled moment? Step in and take your first bit. It tastes so good!

Are you hungry for “A Little Slice of Bliss”?

-Rolinda Stotts-