Silver Chills


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is passionate about creating an exhibition space where everyone feels welcomed. The patrons of the gallery encourage visitors to engage in conversations with the staff to discover a new way of seeing and appreciating art. Viewers will be amazed by the collections on display, including the Rolinda Stotts art collection. Her work reminds us of how beautiful it is to be human and how important it is to acknowledge this every day.

Stotts’s pieces are created through the Bella Rotta technique, a fascinating albeit time-consuming 10-step process involving a unique medium. Without giving away too much of her creative process, the artist shares how the canvas is repeatedly fractured to acquire a worn Italian fresco appearance. Silver Chills is an extraordinary painting by Stotts that captures an atmospheric mood depicted with brilliance through masterly brushwork. The snow-crusted trees and mountains reveal the beauty of a winter wonderland.

Stotts maintains the integrity of her painting by carefully positioning every element to produce dimensionality and the illusion of space. She harnesses the quiet solitude of the landscape and its majesty. Silver Chills is truly a masterpiece by Stotts that will animate a corner of a room.