Zephyr Cove


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is committed to creating a collaborative and supportive space for the art community. The patrons of the gallery are proud to curate the works of Californian and international artists from the US and beyond. Visitors will be amazed by its roomy 4400 sq. ft. exhibition space that displays a cornucopia of stunning exhibits, including the Rolinda Stotts art collection. Visit the gallery online or in-person to get a first-hand view of her work and experience raw beauty and pure talent in action.

Zephyr Cove is a hidden treasure of sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and pine trees.  Besides its incredible beauty, sailing, boating, hiking, and other adventure activities draw tourists to the area. Stotts paints Zephyr Cove like a little window overlooking the waters of this scenic location. Shades of vivid blue run across the vertical crackled surface. The artist creates immersive pieces that make people stop and stare in wonder. She encourages viewers to feel her paintings with their bare hands and soak up the composition in its entirety.

Zephyr Cove will brighten any corner of a commercial or residential space with subtle beauty and energy.