What Dreams are Made of


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The premier Marcus Ashley Gallery is where you will find the work of upcoming and established artists from in and around California. Nestled at the heart of Lake Tahoe, the gallery is a beautiful, colossal viewing space for art enthusiasts. We’re proud to curate the Rolinda Stotts art, a collection of exquisite paintings that look like murals from the churches and bylanes of Italy.

After a trip to Italy with her husband, the artist discovered a love of art and fostered a deeper connection with her Italian heritage. For her pieces, the artist layers saturated oil paints on a fragile canvas before shattering it as part of her 10-step Bella Rotta process. What you see isn’t a crackled effect. It’s a hand-disintegrated canvas that lends the piece a weathered finish, as seen in What Dreams are Made of.

In this painting, a pair of Aspen trees sway in a light breeze on a cold winter’s day. The muted shades of gray and blue convey a subdued mood. Despite the harsh weather, the trees remain resilient. What Dreams are Made of is a lovely painting to derive strength from when self-doubt kicks in and it will look right at home in a chic, modern, or bohemian space.