Vikingsholm View


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Novice and seasoned art collectors who come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery will adore the Rolinda Stotts art, a collection of exquisite fresco-style paintings. The artist relies on an elaborate and laborious creative process to develop her pieces. She works on a fragile canvas supported by a stable wooden panel. Stotts’s fascinating Bella Rotta process takes viewers through a journey of textures, time, and transformative themes that spark self-love. The words Bella Rotta translate to ‘beautiful broken’ in Italian, a concept that Stotts expertly injects through every piece.

Vikingsholm View is a historic estate with Scandinavian aesthetics overlooking Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. This impressive structure was once a summer house. Ornate elements, hand-hewn timbers, church-inspired carvings, Nordic fireplaces, and intricate woodwork make the estate a true example of Scandinavian architecture. Stotts invites us to journey to this paradise in Lake Tahoe through her abstract painting Vikingsholm View.

In this piece, the artist employs free-flowing brushstrokes to capture the untainted blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Stotts’s painting reveals a highly tactile surface of cracks, rough edges, and saturated hues. Viewers are encouraged to feel the depth and energy of Vikingsholm View by freely running their hands over the textured surface.