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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is happy to have new and repeat visitors from far and near come through their doors. After a day of exploring Lake Tahoe, the gallery serves as a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing space for art lovers to view and buy art. Come by the gallery or visit us online to view the Rolinda Stotts art collection. The artist creates her work through an elaborate, time-intensive process that produces remarkable results.

Stotts’s fresco-style paintings evoke peace, comfort, and love, sentiments she wishes to share with audiences. The artist’s Bella Rotta process involves plenty of rich oil paints and a delicate process of shattering the canvas. The final piece mimics the timeless quality of a fresco-style painting. Her work also conveys how despite the broken appearance, the art remains beautiful.

Top of The World reveals a breathtaking elevated landscape of distant misty mountains and towering conifers. Stotts relies on soft hues to convey the soothing energy and beauty of the great outdoors. Free-flowing, spontaneous brushstrokes create a blend of smooth and organic lines that seem to create movement. As your eyes take in the details of Top of The World, you’ll feel a newfound appreciation for Stotts’s eye for detail and unique perceptivity.