Sunset Sweetness


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Avid collectors and curious folks are welcome to explore the Marcus Ashley Gallery’s collection of Rolinda Stotts art. The affable artist shares the beauty of imperfectly beautiful compositions through her Bella Rotta masterpieces. Every painting gives us a glimpse of her journey as an artist and the beauty she hopes to inspire others to see within themselves. Her canvases are fractured by hand and developed through a painstaking process. Stotts finds joy in the final product that evokes feelings of love, hope, and acceptance in her audience.

The artist believes it is our differences that make us beautiful, even though the world might perceive us as flawed. She hopes to encourage people to love themselves fiercely and unabashedly. In Sunset Sweetness, Stotts invites viewers to soak up the gradient beauty of a marvelous sunset. Saturated hues of blush pink, magenta, and fiery amber spring to life across the vertical panel. Like a window into another land, the painting allows us to journey through Stotts’s creative composition.

The artist hopes to help her audience acknowledge their unique beauty and individuality through her work. Place Sunset Sweetness anywhere in a room as a focal point of calm worth admiring from up-close or afar.