Makes Me Smile


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Lake Tahoe boasts a postcard-perfect landscape that draws visitors from all over the globe. The Marcus Ashley Gallery in the heart of Heavenly Village is a fine location to unwind and slow down between adventurous escapades. Visitors can browse through the gallery’s collection of books, memorabilia, and exhibits at leisure for hours on end. The art on display will take you on a journey to familiar and unfamiliar lands. Whimsical characters, natural treasures, and magical places await exploration. Check out the exquisite Rolinda Stotts art that will delight your senses and make worthy additions to any space.

Makes Me Smile is a rhapsodic painting of Gerberas, sunflowers, and lavenders arranged in a glass vase. The artist produces an almost Van Gogh-style piece that appears beautifully aged. Bright and muted colors diffuse the crackled surface with an impasto finish and contemporary flair. Stott’s representation of the bouquet is simple yet profound. She intends to showcase how beauty emerges despite the imperfections applied to the canvas.

The painting carries her signature Bella Rotta detailing of texture framed by crusty edges. Viewers can freely run their fingers across the surface to feel its depth and tactile nature. Makes Me Smile will look lovely in a living room or recreational space that invites serene contemplation.