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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is honored to have a commendable selection of original Rolinda Stotts art on display. Visitors often admire her rare approach to art. Stotts relies on an elaborate Bella Rotta process involving layers of carefully shattered oil paints on a cracked canvas. She prepares the medium by hand, using a sturdy wooden frame to support the fragile canvas. The artist’s meticulous process is both impressive and wholesome. Peruse her original paintings and find one that speaks to you.

n Coins is an abstract representation of a lone Aspen tree in a bold display of crimson red and gold paints. The crusty edges of the canvas give the painting a gilded effect. Unlike Stotts’s usually vibrant choice of paints, this monochrome beauty projects a regal atmosphere. The changing seasons carry a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to pinpoint yet magical to witness. Golden Coins carefully captures the timeless beauty of nature within one frame.

As someone who grew up on a dairy farm and found her calling as an artist on a trip to Italy, Stotts is an inspiration to the art community. Golden Coins carries all the hallmark qualities of a great Stotts masterpiece that will look stunning on a bare wall.