Fun Fetti Day


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Lake Tahoe is well-known for its scenic beauty, history, and unique topography. It’s the perfect place to experience high-octane outdoor activities, slow living, and pulsating nightlife. Visitors to the area will love exploring the neighborhood and interacting with the friendly community. The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites travelers and locals to peruse some of the best collections in Lake Tahoe. As part of our growing array of fine exhibits, we have the Rolinda Stotts art. The Nashville-based artist relies on nature and past experiences for inspiration, and they shape the themes of her pieces with elan.

Twisted birch trees reveal a flurry of autumn-kissed foliage in Stotts’s painting, Funfetti Day. Much like the Funfetti cake, the trees and landscape carry the colors of the confetti treat. The artist relies on a hazy tapestry of colors to translate the mood and forms of the scene. Besides the trees, the elements that surround the subject appear undefined yet discernible. Stotts favors organic shapes to rigidity, making Funfetti Day a natural reproduction, as if purely by memory. The cracked canvas and crusty edges complement the raw, textural beauty of her painting.

Funfetti Day will light up the corner of any room in a homestay, apartment, loft, retail establishment, or eatery.