Down Hill All The Way


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to work with a team of art experts who share a similar passion and vision. Our luxury services put us ahead of the curve as we cater to the needs of our clients. From offering worldwide shipping to handling custom-framing requests, our team aims for excellence. The gallery’s in-house consultants are happy to help you select new pieces for any space. You won’t be able to look away from the Rolinda Stotts art, a collection of paintings that celebrate self-love, life, and moments of solitude.

Downhill All The Way reveals majestic mountain peaks, their cliffsides streaked with fresh snow. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the howl of a frigid wind ripping through the landscape. A smattering of conifers surround a frozen lake at the foot of the mountains, creating a dreamy canvas of snow and ice. Squiggly lines and loose brushstrokes leave behind organic shapes filled with muted shades of grays, blacks, and whites.

Downhill All The Way is an original by Stotts that deserves a spot on a bare wall. Fans of the artist will agree she creates a commanding composition of perspective and balance. This painting will invite several minutes of quiet contemplation in a chic or minimal room.